Definitions of Fluxus

“1) Fluxus makes the mundane magical.
2) Fluxus happens when one feels that life and art must be taken so
seriously, that it becomes impossible to take life or art seriously.
3) Ordinary acts and ordinary objects perceived in extraordinary ways.”

From the Fluxus Blog by Allan Revich

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An old friend…

A character from a favorite novel comes into the room and observes the action. Does he or she say anything? What would he or she think of the situation? (Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” or Immanuel Goldstien from “1984.”)

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Think about the most humiliating thing that happened to you in your teen years, now write about it as a memory for one of your characters. It no longer belongs to you — it is not real, it is now a fictionalized account. You are finally free. Isn’t being a novelist fun?

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The Queen of Bohemia and the Professor

Are sitting across from you waiting for you to answer their question. You either did not understand the question, did not hear the question, or weren’t paying attention. You do not want either of them to thinkĀ  you did not understand, or that you weren’t paying attention. The professor drums his fingers on the table. The Queen of Bohemia looks over at the setee impatiently. What do you say?

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Go out for Chinese Food

Order tea, enjoy the food. When you are given the fortune cookie, save the fortune. Imagine a character with this fortune who becomes angry when reading it, why is he or she so angry? What coincidence did the fortune play on? What action will he or she take when the realization of this anger becomes apparent to them? Be sure to write about your experience as the author of going out for chinese food.

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Draw a box.

Decide whether the act of drawing a box is meant to exclude or isolate. You may put things in your box or leave things out of it. This chapter is a description of inclusions and exclusions.

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Word for the day

This part of the story is completely consumed by one word. This word may fill the day with incredible significance or it may point out how tedious the mundane world can be. Maybe that tedium has an incredible significance. Open the dictionary at random. Put your finger down at random. Look this word up in different dictionaries, writing down the definitions. Find a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary at your library and find the history of the usage of this word. Now write this chapter using this word as the starting point. Create new definitions and new words.

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